We started Leather and Canvas crafting as a hobby, making our own accessories, which gives us more insight to the trade.

Loving a challenge in being able to do or make something ourselves. It quickly became very satisfying and we were lured deeper into the craft of making leather and canvas goods. Seeing our finished items was so satisfying.   The passion was subdued by not being able to find all the tools and accessories.

That’s when Leather and Canvas was formed

Being afforded the opportunity to create such a place we obviously jumped at it. Not without its challenges, an interesting journey at times but we are slowly but surely getting there. The aim is to provide you, the leather and canvas crafters out there, the opportunity to get all you need to make your creations, your favorite pass time.

We endeavor to supply you the fasteners, tools and materials etc, to keep you crafting in leather and canvas going and more exciting in the years to come.

We would love to hear your ideas and or suggestions, regarding the products we stock, the service given as well as feedback on our website.

Please contact sales@leatherandcanvas.co.za for more information.