Belt Making Basic

To make belts is probably the simplest way to start in leather craft as all tools you need would a bevelling tool, a hollow punch, a utility knife and  rivet setter. If you are not using ready cut belt straps you will need a belt strap cutter as well. The bevelling tool is used to make the leather thinner on the overlay that keeps the buckle in place otherwise the belt becomes too bulky at the buckle end as you have three layers of leather in the same place when the buckle is fasten around the waist. You would also need  rivets and a buckle. Belts are normally make of vegetable tan leather which you should be able to get in a natural or already dyed straps. If you are using natural you would also need some dye and some form of dressing. The item in the category are the items we keep please bear in mind that we might not always have everything in stock.

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