Beginners Corner

This section is to provide the beginners in the leather craft some idea of what they might need to start the craft. The idea is to provide the user some guidance on what the would like to do. In the leather craft there are multiple disciplines, but can be grouped into two basic groups. Stiffer vegetable type leathers and soft type leathers.

Vegetable Type Leathers
These are generally thicker and stiffer type leather. Vegetable tan comes in colors and natural. The natural would generally be died or threaded to protect the leather. The thickness can vary from as little as 1 mm to as thick as 5 mm. Vegetable tan can be used for most leather good like bags, wallets etc. Vegetable tan leather have a few tools that would normally be used for only vegetable tan, but the majority of the tools can be used for both vegetable tan and soft leathers.

Vegetable tan leather is known for the making of belts and so on but you can also use it for almost any other type of product.

Soft Leather
The soft leathers are thinner and the would typically be dies already. The leather can be used for bags, wallets etc. The leather is also used for upholstery of furniture and vehicle interiors.

It is important to note that the collection or guideline in this section is only a guideline. It is the customers decision to add the items to their cart. The purpose is to try and assist beginners with some idea of what they might need.

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