Vegetable Tan 3mm Shoulders

This is effectively one half of the cow hide.  This includes the belly, bend, shoulder and neck. The side is used for belts, footwear, garments and accessories. The side is about the biggest piece of vegetable tan leather available apart from buying a full skin.. Shoulders size ranges from about 135 square decimeters to about  170 square decimeter. Depending on the availability we will be keeping the sides in thickness ranging from 2.5mm to 3mm in both Grade 1 and Grade 2 leather. Now what does first grade and second grade mean. First grade means that there is less than 25% of the hide or section (in this case a side) has a blemish. a Blemish is something that has scratched or nicked the hide. This means that 2 grade has more than 25% of the usable area that is damaged up to about 40%. Other than that the hides are the same. Mostly you would not notice some of these blemishes and more often than not you would be able to work around the blemishes.

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