Hand Stitching Basic

The very basics tools you would need for hand stitching would be some waxed thread, an awl, a rules or a divider, needles (minimum of two) and a stitching pony.

You need two needle as mostly stitching is done on a cross lope method. This would mean that you would be starting your stitching from one side of your work piece a needle in each hand with even lengths of thread on each side. You would then insert a needle at a time from each side and pull all the thread through and tug on the end to tighten the stitch. Thread should cross each other in side the whole in the leather. This passing from left to right through the leather is repeated to the end of the work piece.

The ruler or the divider would be used to mark where you would like to make the stitches and the awl is used to make the hole for the thread to go through. The stitching pony would be used to clamp your work piece while you are threading the needles.

If you  have done some of the basic hand stitching and you are prepared to invest same more you can add a stitching chisel set. They are available in two sizes namely Small set where the prongs are 2mm and the gaps between the prongs are 2mm. Then we have the Standard set which has a 3mm prong with a 3mm gap. Both the Small and the Standard sets come with three chisels a one prong, two prong and a three prong.  These prongs allow for more evenly spaced stitches and the stitching itself is much less effort.

The next tool would be a Stitching Groover which allows you to make small groove for your stitching to reside in. The groover can make these grooves parallel to the side of the leather. The groove also goes a long way in protecting the stitches as they are now submerged half way into the leather.

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