Belt Making Advanced

The advanced belt making would require the same tools you need for basic belt making, but the additional tools would enable you to make belts with stitched borders or to tool the belts. This section would only provide the tools but you would be able to brows the Leather and Canvas site for some of the fitting you might need.

The very basics tools you would need for stitching would be some waxed thread, an awl, rules or a divider, needles (minimum of two) and a stitching pony. If you would like to invest more you could invest in a stitching groover and a set of stitching chisels.

The ruler or the divider would be used to mark where you would like to make the stitches and the awl is used to make the hole for the thread to go through. If you invested in a stitching chisel set these would make the holes for the stitches evenly spaced. The groover makes a groove where the thread would be go into this helps to protect the thread as well. The stitching pony would clamp the belt while you are stitching it.

You would also be able to do leather tooling on the belt this would require a basic stamp set and swivel knife. These tools would allow to stamp out decorative patterns on the belt. You could view a few videos on Youtube on how to do this. Please remember to get the correct type of vegetable tan as some of the dyed vegetable tan leather does not take to stamping.

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